Awaken to an inspiring community.

You have a place in our circle.

Wherever you are and wherever you’ve been, you have a place at Awaken.
Engage in this inspiring and encouraging approach to growing deeper in your Catholic faith.

Every part of Awaken™ draws upon the B.E.S.T.®. This original approach encompasses all the treasures of our Catholic faith. No matter where you are on your faith journey, our friendly, no-homework groups connect you to God, the Church, and other women of all ages as we move toward authentic, grace-filled lives. Build spiritual friendships and strengthen your faith as we learn and share together. 

Our programs, topics, circles and other materials are all organized around this original outline. Designed with active lives in mind, the B.E.S.T. helps us better understand and go deeper into the treasures of our Catholic Faith and awaken the Jesus Girl™ inside.

The joy of joining us.

Our desire is that Awaken is an anchor for you - it is for us and we love sharing this conversation with you and creating a community where you can join other women who desire to Know It + Love It + Live It!

• A peaceful sanctuary from the everyday hustle.

• A place for you to be filled in every way. It’s exactly what you need, when you need it. 

• Understanding and uncovering what it is we really believe as Catholics. 

• We believe women should build each other up. Within our AYF Circle, you will  find a space where you can be vulnerable and navigate challenges together.

• Connect with other women who share your interests, who live near or far, who care about the same topics.

• Share stories, experiences, and ideas.

• Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations,
and different perspectives.

Our reward in the end…

Beth :: Two women sharing their excitement about the Catholic Faith in a humble inviting and welcoming way.

Karen :: It’s a wonderful opportunity to share life experience with other women of faith.  I consider it my mid week lift and I always learn something new about my Catholic roots. Thank you ladies for all that you do and for your commitment to pursuing your faith and taking us along for the ride.

Our AYF CIRCLE is waiting for you!

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